Our Philosophy
Love for your brother what you love for yourself. Very often we see that there is an uneasiness when you see a person in need, it just doesn’t feel right, and most of us do not know what the social norm is on how to interact in these situations. Inevitably creating a “us” and “them” society. We believe sharing a meal and having a conversation is a start. We probably cannot solve the socioeconomic gap, but we can surely sit next to each other, reduce the physical gap, and enjoy a meal. We are here to serve and not judge.

Human Care NZ is a charitable organisation with the basic aim of relieving poverty by providing basic amenities, including food, clothing, and shelter to the poor, needy, or those suffering genuine hardship.

The team started operating in November 2018 with a major drive of serving hot meals in South Auckland on a consistent weekly basis. Since June 2022, we been blessed with the pleasure of extending and adding to our food distribution sites taking it from Manurewa to the heart of Auckland City.

We currently provide around 20 to 25 serves of hot meal at 6pm every Monday night by Sir John Walker statue in Manurewa, and around 60 to 80 serves of hot meal every fortnight on Thursdays at 6pm at Wellesley Street West, in front of Bledisloe House. To complement each meal, we also provide hot coffee and snacks.

Human Care has also distributed socks, pants, sleeping bags and other clothes during winter to keep people warm who were in dire need of these items. Furthermore, it makes donations on a as per need basis.