About Us

Incorporated under the Charitable Trust Act 1957
Registration No: CC57624
NZBN: 9429047790162
IRD #: 130-789-269


In 2018, a group of seven former university and football mates got together over lunch just catching up on their past 20 years of friendship, one thing led to another, and the conversation ended up around the need to “Give Back” to our community. This conversation carried on over a few lunch catchups, until one day we decided to put it into action.

We did a few one-off charity and social work in our community and realised that the problem was much bigger than those who were jobless or living on the streets. There were so many that had a home and a job but were not able to make ends meet with what they were earning after paying rent and utilities. Stories like; we can only afford 3-4 days of hot meals in a week to put on the table for our families, were very common.  

We realised there was a real need for smaller focused charity groups that can run without any overhead costs to connect and make these people feel looked after within their local community. The idea was to share a meal with them, listen to their problems, and for the homeless, make them feel part of the community. For some of them, sharing a meal was less important than having a decent conversation and connecting with another human being without being judged. It was heart-breaking to hear some of the stories.

As a result, we decided to set aside some of our own time and money each week to start providing hot meals to anyone in need every Monday. On a no questions asked basis if someone needs a meal.

With the help of some volunteers, we started doing food packs once a week on Monday evenings at Salvation Army Manukau. Today we have around 30-50 people that we feed on a regular basis, many of whom are little kids.

Once we started gaining momentum, it was obvious we had to put some structure in place and reach out to our local community, family and friends for support and funding. At this point we incorporated Human Care New Zealand (HCNZ) under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 with seven Trustees (the same friends that started over a lunch). Our trustees bring different skill sets which add substantial value in the governance and in aligning our strategies to our purpose and mission. We have Banker’s, Businessmen, Chartered Accountants, Insurance, Marketing and IT Specialists.

Since then, HCNZ has associated itself with Waka of Caring, providing food packs to those in need, individually assessed and helped elderly in need, helped out at the Marae as volunteers etcetera.

Today, HCNZ continues to grow through external donations gaining traction and conversely being able to grow its donations, food parcels, conduct functions for needy and support other charitable activities. This would not have been possible without the help of:

  • Salvation Army Manukau – for letting us use their premises at Bakersfield Place, Manukau.
  • Waka of Caring (Manurewa food bank) – for doing daily food parcels for those in need and letting us supply non-perishable food items for this cause.
  • Porchester Centre – for housing the non-perishable food donation box.
  • Masjid At-Taqwa – for providing their vehicle, marquee and other equipment when needed.
  • Volunteers – for assisting on a regular basis.
  • Donors – for helping fund the cause.
It gives great satisfaction every time we are able to bring smile on faces of people we serve. We hope we can get more people on-board and grow.